do you ever feel like you’re just sort of 


like all your friends go out and do things and get into relationships and like people that like them back and have fun and do stupid things with their best friends and instead of doing all that you’re just sort of this mildly entertaining thing that people take an interest in once in a while but they wouldn’t really care if it was gone

like you just sort of exist but you don’t really mean anything

My (first) “Canon” Inquisitor

Laeta Lavellan:

Sex: F

Race: Elf

Sexuality: Bi

Class: Warrior (Great Sword)

Loves her people, her clan, her family and would protect them with her life, but has never come across as a “traditional” Dalish elf. Now leading the Inquisition, and yet another family, she will extend to them the same courtesy and loyalty.

She values Cullen’s character, Leliana’s heart, Josephine’s skill, Cassandra’s dedication, Varric’s words, Vivienne’s control, Iron Bull’s spirit, Cole’s kindness, Blackwall’s experience, Sera’s will, Solas’ insight, and Dorian’s resilience.

Battle Skills: An accomplished warrior who opted out of archery during her years as a da’len and instead prefers to wield a great sword that is more often than not, as tall as she is, earning her many strange looks in camp. While the adults viewed this as a form of childish rebellion, a phase that she would eventually grow out of, Laeta herself has simply stated that a bow has never felt right in her hands and would rather be able to protect herself and others strangely yet effectively, rather than “correctly” and badly.

Other Skills: An affinity with animals that goes hand-in-hand with her Dalish upbringing and a surprising talent for wordplay despite her blunt fighting style. Incredibly convincing and persuasive (understandable given how many times she dodged lectures and scoldings from the Keeper) and very much a people person, though not especially naive. She knows there will be much more fighting before this insanity ends, though she still believes in compromise and the illusive third option.

Personality: Typically a very happy person, if a bit annoyingly cheerful (sometimes child-like) at times. Despite the circumstances that brought her to them, Laeta is genuinely enjoying herself in the Inquisition. She gets to see new places, meet new people, experience new things and she finds something she likes and admires in every one of her new companions and advisors. The responsibility she bears is a heavy one indeed and sometimes she needs to step back and catch her breath with a pint, a talk, a ride, but despite the chaos Laeta feels a great sense of satisfaction. If she is going to die, she wants to die knowing she enjoyed what she had as long as possible

Beliefs/Morals: Not devotedly religious, but is open to all possibilities, though she does tend to favor her Creators. While she has great pride and respect for her people’s culture and history, she has never seen the wisdom of the clans’ continuous isolation nor their views of superiority even amongst other Elvhen. Laeta does not believe in blaming the majority for the minority. If a human man were to wrong her, it would be that man she would blame, not humans in general. She sees people rather than labels and wants to help others see as well. She knows the world needs to change in order for there to be any hope for that happening. Laeta’s biggest belief? The illusive, idealistic, “impossible” third option. She won’t accept no-win scenarios or choosing one extreme over another. There is always another way.

History: Laeta has a thirst for stories and adventure that cannot be quenched. Before she earned her vallaslin she would often break away from the clan whenever they were close to a settlement, a caravan or camp. She would say she was going hunting, but would instead steal away to visit whomever was near provided they were friendly. Often posing as an “innocent and lost/traveling” city elf or simply choosing to watch from the trees, Laeta listened to everything from legends to rumors, from cultural differences to current events. This became more difficult to do after she became of age with her blood writing marking her as Dalish, making her a much less trustworthy visitor. Since then, she has been much less in the know, but she keeps her ear to the ground at all times. What affects the rest of the world, affects the clans, this she knows no matter how much the Keeper tries to pretend otherwise.

Love Interest: Iron Bull. She enjoys his company and is determined to know him, pushing where she will but letting him come to her when he chooses. At first slightly concerned he’d end up breaking her, Laeta quickly proved that she’s much stronger than she looks, in more ways than one. He may see her as a passing interest for now, but just wait. By being everything he does not expect (tiny yet strong, Dalish yet open-minded, caring yet not confining), Bull will slowly lose his heart to this merry little bird.

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First Name: Avarin
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: HumanNoble
Class: Dual-wield Rogue
Romance: Alistair
3 Personality Traits: Noble, Cunning, Loyal (and therefore Protective)


First Name: Sybil
Gender: Female
Class: Mage
Romance: Anders friendmance
3 Personality Traits: Diplomatic, Family (friend)-oriented, Idealistic (interchangeable with Naive)

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end me

Aveline: "Why are you still here, Varric?"
Varric: "Starkhaven’s too pretentious for me, and Cumberland’s too boring."




YEE FRIEND I JUST BOUGHT IT TODAY I’m not too far in but I am really enjoying it so far man

It’s happening I am going to get really into this game I can SMELL IT

I am so happy, I initiated this.




YEE FRIEND I JUST BOUGHT IT TODAY I’m not too far in but I am really enjoying it so far man

It’s happening
I am going to get really into this game I can SMELL IT

I am so happy, I initiated this.






Wow that might be the shittiest excuse in the history of excuses I’m ashamed that I like the series.


is that code for ‘our gross fuckboy developers wouldnt be able to model a tity without needing to stop and jack off for 30 hours straight’ like holy shit fuck off forever 

Meanwhile, Bioware is pumping out Awesome. Badass. Powerful. Straight/Lesbian/Bi female lead/supporting characters for Dragon Age: Inquisition and talking like it’s no big thing.


In CLAMP, we don’t say “I love you”, we just exchange eyes and bleed a lot.