30 Day Countdown Inquisitor Meme (Day 28)

Day 28: Describe your Inquisitor’s Physical Characteristics? Any traits of theirs they like? Any they dislike? (If you have any drawings of them show them off! Or show them off again!)

Laeta Lavellan

Laeta is small and slender, often giving others the impression that she is easily breakable, but there’s a lot of muscle hiding in that lanky, little body. Laeta has large, hazel colored eyes, plus is tanned and freckle-faced from all her time spent outdoors, giving her a healthy glow. She has long, chestnut hair that she often ties into a braid. She’s partial to her hair and enjoys experimenting with new styles, but she’s not a big fan of what she refers to as her, “bony butt,” making lap-sitting impossible.

Beatrice “Bice” Trevelyan

Bice is of average hight and curvy with an hourglass figure. Dark brown hair that flows in waves and emerald green eyes, she moves with grace and keeps a kept appearance. She has a skin tone the color of rich mocha and not much muscle due to her previous lifestyle and magical talents. Bice is very fond of her eyes as she loves the color, but is not so pleased with how soft her body is. She’s in good shape, but often finds herself jealous of Cassandra and how much the warrior can handle.

Mai Lavellan

Mai is very slim and lanky, standing at an average Elven hight. She has short, messy, red hair that’s often tied back in a short ponytail and an appearance that usually remaining disheveled until someone makes her aware of it. Mai’s copper brown eyes match her copper skin, which is freckle-less due to all her time studying indoors. She likes her body type because it makes it easer to get where others can’t, but she doesn’t like how “unfeminine” she finds herself and her “inability” to look as much.

Tu’la “Tully” Adaar

Tully is tall, muscled, and hides a surprisingly womanly figure under her leathers. She is pear-shaped with well-formed hips and powerful legs. Tully has dark, gray skin and black hair that has been cut short and styled simply and also sports rose-colored eyes. Her horns are damaged and sawn down in places and what remains curves back. Tully doesn’t dwell on her looks out of disinterest, but she does like her strong arms and though she won’t say it, the condition of her horns bother her a bit.

Osira Cadash

Osira is short and hardy with a well proportioned hourglass figure. She has a light skin tone with a healthy flush and deep chocolate brown eyes. Like most lady Dwarves, Osira is curvy and roundish, but she’s also rather compressed with much of her softness being toned. Her golden hair is kept in a bun and aside from a few tendrils that escape, her appearance is a neat one. Osira loves her shapely, strong legs, but hates the stray hairs that sometimes appear on her chin thanks to her heritage.

Kendra Trevelyan

Kendra is tall and very toned with a pale complexion. Her muscles are clearly existent, but are very toned and with her straight body type, Kendra can cut a very regal and reliable image. Her black hair is often tied back into a ponytail when out in the field and dark, stormy blue eyes never miss a thing. She’s thankful for her body and how she’s gained muscle and trained and hone herself to be ready for battle, but at times she wishes there’d been little more growth in the chest department.

Amos Adaar

Amos is tall with broad shoulders and a muscled physique that is unusual for a mage. However with Amos’ fighting style, staying in shape is the best way to stay alive. Light gray skin and short hair only a slightly darker shade accentuate rare golden eyes. He is clean shaven and has large horns that reach backward than curve forward, matching the color of his hair. Amos likes his eyes, though in his youth they bothered him, and now dislikes his nose ever since it broke and healed crookedly.

Darsc Cadash

Darsc is very well-muscled, short, and very hairy. With bright blue eyes and well weathered skin that has grown thick against the elements, Darsc’s body is a testament to good training and hard work. His ash brown hair is often unkempt but his beard is always well managed and kept tied and styled. Darsc values his Dwarven beard out of all his features, though he is very proud of his battle scars. However, he is ashamed of any scars on his back, believing they reflect cowardice. 

30 Day Countdown Inquisitor Meme (Day 30 & 29)

Day 30: What is your Inquisitor’s name and why did you name them that?

Laeta Lavellan

Won’t lie, I was really into Spartacus (still am) when I was contemplating names. I think all my protagonists had something about them that carried something from that show. Badass folk who beat the odds (then mostly died, but still!) The hype settled down a bit, but call me sentimental. Plus the name sounds Elven, is fun to say and I can imagine people calling her by it on a regular basis. That’s what matters most :)

Beatrice “Bice” Trevelyan

love The Devine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Dante’s Inferno, Nine Circles of Hell and all that. Perk of being an English major, I think. Point is, Beatrice was such a beautiful and soulful character and I’m not even religious! Plus her nickname, Bice, has always struck a chord with me. I’ve always wanted to give a character that could save the day that name and here’s my chance!

Mai Lavellan

…This one’s lame. I’m not even kidding, this one is so embarrassingly lame, I blush and hide my face for the cheesy lameness it is. …I liked the idea of her LI calling her “My Mai,” ok?! I also wanted something quick and clever sounding, so you know… Some real justification. …I’m going to go hide now…

Tu’la “Tully” Adaar

This one came from a mix of Game of Thrones and pure impulse. I had no idea where to start with Qunari names and struggled. One day, I found myself saying cute nicknames/endearment and Tully just came out. It’s completely OOC for her and that’s why I loved it. I think it was probably an unwanted nickname that just got stuck and Tully didn’t feel like changing it because…because. Tu’la came later and was a bit of a quickie, but I’m fond of it.

Osira Cadash

Osira’s name was meant to be alluring, something to draw people in. Yes, I’m aware of the irony. Osira—Siren. It was intentional and I’m owning that, so no one gets to tease~ I also have never been able to come up with an original ‘O’ name, so woo! Happy occasions all around. The image of a siren (albeit less ‘lead-sailors-to-their-doom’) suited my little lady and I’m curious how much I’ll be able explore that through dialogue.

Kendra Trevelyan

I needed something regal because hello! Nobility, people! But I didn’t want something that sounded too uptight and ladylike that you could never say it without thinking of poofy wigs and petticoats. A “valiant, home ruler” that’s not afraid to get out and rebel? Kendra dear, I knew I liked you.

Amos Adaar

I wanted a name that could be tough, but still belong to someone who could be, oh…a bit of a wiseass. …Alright, a lot of a wiseass. Amos meant “strong” and sounded like it could be foreign, yet also like it could be native as well. Plus, have you guys tried saying his name? Ae-mus. Ah-mos. Ae-mose. C’mon, you can’t not have fun with that!

Darsc Cadash

The last and most stubborn of my unnamed babes at the time, Darsc gave me the most trouble after Tully. I wanted something short, strong and sharp and consistent with my OCD-like need to have names with different letters. I was just rolling different sounds around and poof! Darsc shot out like a bite. Which seems kinda appropriate actually…

Day 29: What race and class is your Inquisitor? What is your and their reason for that class? How do they feel about it?

Laeta is an Elf and a Warrior. As my canon Inquisitor in a playthrough with a Rogue Warden and a Mage Hawke, I wanted to even it out. Plus, tiny Elf wielding a great sword? Tell me that’s not badass!

Laeta is a skilled warrior who never had much talent for the bow and chose to learn the great sword instead. This earned her many odd looks and questions in camp, but Laeta took it in stride, believing it’s better to be confident at something unusual than ineffective with something expected. She loves the thrill of battle and testing her skills, some of which have gotten her into her fair share of scrapes. Sparring is her favorite form of training and something she encourages at Skyhold.

Bice is a Human and a Mage. The third in my all female Human Mage playthrough, I was originally hoping for a consistent family connection (the Amells), but now I just really enjoy the story potential that could come from this.

Bice is powerful mage who excelled in her Circle training. Upon its destruction, Bice had to adapt her abilities to real world situations quickly and did so with outstanding results. She’s comfortable with her magic, yet cautious, well aware of the dangers. The elements are her tools of trade in battle and ever since her first rainstorm, Bice has felt a connection to them that lets her wield these forces with startling ease. For everyday purposes though, she keeps her magic to smaller spells.

Mai is an Elf and a Mage. I’ve always wanted to play as a Dalish First and due to my female self, I really wanted to relate to the experience as much as possible, so my lady Elf Mage was born. There are too many ways I could have fun with this and I’m not missing any of it.

Mai loves magic not for its power, but rather for the unlocked secrets it holds. She trained hard to be chosen as First of her clan and it’s a position she’s very proud of, even if she doesn’t show it. Mai has studied spells of all kinds, but feels most confident in entropy and others, which wouldn’t be taken too kindly in regular society. She seeks to learn and understand, not always to perform and is thankful that she has been raised in an environment that usually values comprehension over fear.

Tully is a Qunari and a Rogue. Yet again, not what you’d expect from her considering how straight-up she is. Originally, she was meant to be a Warrior, but I changed my mind once I realized I loved making Tully the opposite of what her personality would suggest.

Tully is not what you’d expect from a Rogue at first. Large, straightforward, and a bit clumsy, yet all this disappears when in battle, becoming fast and deadly. The dark horse of the mercenaries and now the Inquisition. She enjoys the simplicity of her work and mainly does it because it’s easy and doesn’t require much thinking. Recently though, her views began to change as the world around her did and Tully, now unsure, finds herself now seeking a personal reason for her to fight.

Osira is a Dwarf and a Rogue. I liked the idea of a Dwarf lady wielding a bow since it hasn’t been seen too much in the DA verse. Of course, that was before Scout Harding made her outstanding appearance and crushed my originality. Ah well, no issue. They can just have shooting contests over their gorgeous, glamorous selves.

Osira is a Rogue who likes to use her head in battle, something her Carta brethren at times seem incapable of doing. Being raised within the Carta, Osira learned every sneaky, slippery move in the book and made up some of her own while she was at it. Archery helps focus her mind and gives her distance and the opportunity to think at least ten steps ahead of her opponents. Clever, quick and able to think on her feet; there are no better traits for a Rogue to have.

Kendra is a Human and a Warrior. I wanted someone to carry the heavy shield and be sort of a rebel by looking one way and acting another. She looks like a Templar, she fights like a Templar, but she’s no Templar.

Kendra was trained in the skills of Templar with a future in the service in mind, despite her wish to find her own way. While grateful for her training and the skills she acquired, after recent events she has no intention of using them for their original purpose. Strong as ox, Kendra uses a massive shield along with her sword to fight and guard others against attacks. Instead of a Templar, many would say she better resembles a knight, come to fight for and protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Amos is a Qunari and a Mage. Needed at least one male Mage at my disposal and I figured why not do the unexpected and go for a melee female and magical male. I really curious how his personality will match up with others’ reactions to what he is.

Amos is a Mage who has always been comfortable with his powers and seems to let himself relax more than many would like. Truthfully, he’s just as careful when faced with temptation, only he doesn’t let his burdens change him. Amos uses his magic much like a sword and shield, attacking, defending, and maneuvering in a way that made him an asset to his mercenary band. Amos does not fear or answer to the Circle or Qun, but would prefer death rather than the life of a Tranquil or Saarebas.

Darsc is a Dwarf and a Warrior. Typical axe-swinging, battle-hungry, Dwarven Warrior and happy to say it. The classics are classics for a reason after all and they’re always satisfying to play as.

Darsc thrives in battle and enjoys it thoroughly. The rush one gets from facing and overcoming a worthy and challenging opponent is something he has never grown tired of. Because he was not trained in Orzammar as a Warrior, Darsc had to learn and hone his skills through rather unconventional means. No one from his homeland would ever call him Warrior caste, but he possesses the skill and every bit of honor that even some of the finest among their ranks lack.


How I perceive the series in a nutshell. Awakening is like a summer extension course taken between freshmen and sophomore year; you remember the main points and a couple friends you made but the rest is vague.


How I perceive the series in a nutshell. Awakening is like a summer extension course taken between freshmen and sophomore year; you remember the main points and a couple friends you made but the rest is vague.


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Such a kind soul who gave me it! Thank you so much! Now all I need to know is just where to go to enter it in. Does anybody know?

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However loving his parents may have seemed, he [Simon] knew that, scratch the surface, and they’d scream and run away. And here he’s confronted with a guy who is just everyting he thinks is wrong about a person, who comes back for him when the chips are down because he’s on his crew. To me, that’s a  real parent, and that is an extremely beautiful thing to get to, and I think it’s very real… But the most important thing about ‘Safe’ was that relationship.

Joss Whedon, Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One